Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I Want One!

mmm...double-sidedy goodness

No, not a Bobcat. Well, OK, I do want one of those. Except I don't actually have a use for it, nor a place to park it. What I want is one of the 25-foot, double-sided, stainless steel blade tape measures from DIY Network that One Project Closer is giving away.

My current tape is showing its age. It's at least the 3rd real* tape measure I've owned (* that is, not counting little 10 foot ones, freebies on keychains, and other largely useless ones.) My tapes take a lot of abuse for someone who doesn't work in construction for a living. They've been on Mexico mission trips, to the Gulf Coast, spent countless days on local Habitat builds, and of course been instrumental in building the addition here at DIY Insanity. The DIY Network tapes are fat (and phat, as far as tape measures go). That means better extension and less likely to tear. The stainless steel tape means less likely to rust. And the double-sided part is just gravy. So this looks like a great option for my next tape.


Larry said...

Those are cool!!

BTW - you've been tagged!


Katarina said...

Do you think Gene is hinting about Christmas gifts? Maybe he suspects that I already got him a Lexus with a giant red bow.

(Ha ha! Happily, this man would rather have a new tape measure than a new vehicle ... unless it was a Bobcat, of course.)

Unknown said...

What? You missed my hint at Home Depot of the entire Dewalt 18v cordless kit? :-)

Fratzels said...

I'm running the same giveaway as well if you want another chance to win!


Lotta Dahl said...

That is nice! I found a black & Decker automated tape measure at Ross for like $6 they are normally $20 so I was jazzed. I lose the smaller ones, I do like the way that one you have there looks though... sweet.

Unknown said...

A little birdy told me I'll get a chance to try the tape out myself soon :-)