Thursday, November 06, 2008

Happy People

No, not this happy person, but lots of happy people at, of all places, Home Depot.

While waiting for things to dry out, I've been working slowly on cleaning out and organizing more stuff in the basement to make room to do more work on the electrical. Some of it could probably wait until after the kitchen work, but the outlet for the water heater failed (bad neutral; it was installed by the plumber who installed the tankless water heater a couple years back) and inspired me to move forward with some of the electrical work now. That and if the inspector looks at some the existing wiring, they'd probably stop work right there.

So after placing the new panel and figuring out the runs needed, I headed off today to Home Depot, with visions of conduit and heavy gauge wire running through my head. And despite all the work ahead for the incoming president and congress, despite the ongoing negativity, despite the continuing bad news about the economy, people seemed much more cheerful than I've ever seen in Home Depot before. Maybe it was because I wasn't in the line contractors are usually in, though that was surprisingly short. Maybe they only seemed happier was because I was happier, both because of the election and because I actually found someone to help me. Maybe it was because it was another beautiful day. But regardless of all the whys and wherefores, I actually saw people smile in Home Depot, and that's even more rare than finding an associate to help you when you need it.


NV said...

You're SO right, Gene! I've noticed buoyed spirits. My boss said his bro-in-law (who didn't vote for Obama) called to congratulate him and said he was disappointed, but was so impressed by our future prez. I'm STILL stunned. Doesn't seem like it was possible and yet he's still winning states! (N.C. today.)

PJD said...

I am sure it will be literally a brighter day and a brighter year next year.

an old post of mine

Liz said...

So true (about people's demeanors and not being able to find help at the Home Depot)!! I think hope has finally returned to our country. I'm so excited to see what the next 4 years will bring.

Stacy said...

OMG, that kid is adorable.