Monday, November 03, 2008

Enough Already!

Every election seems to have some mud-slinging, but the McCain campaign, both directly and through the GOP has reached new depths in mud-slinging and out-right lies as it comes down to the wire. Even if I were interested in voting for McCain (I'm not; what little he's said about what he would do between the mud-slinging suggests 4 more years of W's policies), I'm so put off by this sickening behavior I'd cast my vote elsewhere. What happened to the 'respectful campaign' he promised?

Add to it the (unfortunately) usual mud-slinging over some of the California propositions, and I'm ready for this election to be over. The fear and outright hatred espoused by Prop 8 supporters is decidedly un-Christian no matter how you look at it. I thought churches were supposed to be separate from politics by law, but the LDS, Catholic churches, and various mega-churches are pouring money and energy in to support 8. I guess it's "love your neighbor" unless they're not like you.

Enough already. Get out there and vote for Obama, and vote no on California's Prop 8.


Unknown said...

Yay on both counts!

Zest of my Life said...

Am I piercing your heart?
The word of God is like a two edge sword!
Jesus is Lord!

Unknown said...

I'm a married, white, male Christian, and I approve of the above yay!

Jim said...

Double yay! Oddly, the Capcha below my comment box has the word Ululate in it. When I think about this issue, I want to Ululate: A long, loud, mournful cry or howl.

PJD said...

As you saw, Maria took Ethan and Sam out into the stormy rain in Walnut Creek today with a few intrepid "No on 8" people to try to counter the deluge of "Yes on 8" signs being waved by people all up and down Ygnacio Valley Blvd. It makes me sad and angry to see all these people so eager to codify discrimination.

Prop H8: Because some people are less equal than others.