Sunday, November 30, 2008

Need a place to live?

East Brother Island

Here's a different option. OK, sure, you have to run a bed and breakfast, there's no pizza delivery, and you need a commercial boat operator's license, but what a view! It's even sort of green -- solar panels, rainfall collection, and a small septic system.

It's here in San Francisco Bay, and while I've seen the island, I've never visited there myself. Looks like fun, but maybe not for a career.


Shelley said...

It looks like a fun place to visit =- but I think it would make someone stir crazy to be there longer than 2 weeks. :-)

NV said...

That would be pretty d*mn cool!

Unknown said...

@shellmo: yeah, "The Shining" or the The Simpson's spoof of it came to mind when I first read about it: "Diamond initially took the job with a boyfriend, 'but he went a little haywire'"