Wednesday, July 11, 2007


We watched the Uruguay vs. Brazil match last night from the semi-finals of Copa America (yes, the U.S. took part, but went 0-3 and out). It was an exciting match, with Uruguay scoring a late goal to end regulation at a 2-2 tie. And then we got a reminder of why a few years back they introduced overtime in the World Cup instead of going to a shootout. A shootout can be exciting, but when it's done, it's about as satisfying as watching a game end in a 0-0 tie. The players bust their butts for 90+ minutes, and then, barring spastic kicks that miss outright or hit the goal post, it all comes down to how well each goalie can guess where 5 players are going to kick the ball. Last night's match ended the first shootout tied, so they went to a second, sudden death shootout. And just like that, an exciting match was over, Brazil advancing to the finals. Hopefully tonight's Mexico vs. Argentina match will end in a more satisfying manner.

Progress on the house has been less than satisfying of late. I had a nasty cold that lingered in my chest and got no work done for several weeks. I've had a hard time getting back up to speed. I have done some work on the outside electrical. A new GFCI outlet by the back door, another switched one for eventual low voltage lights on the deck, a new back porch light, wire for a new front light for the path, and with Kat's help I ran 3-wire Romex to move the 3-way switch for the carport from the old front hall to the new. And Katarina has been doing some work on the outside of the house, too. She installed trim around the front windows, and has begun installing the trim on the inside corners around the front door recess. I think she's getting tired of seeing the unfinished front of the house every day when she gets home.