Monday, February 02, 2009

Have You Ever Seen the Rain?

While many of you in home improvement land are dancing for joy that the temperatures are up to the 50s, I'm hoping for our temperatures to get down to the 50s later this week. You see, while you've been freezing your collective butts off, we've been basking in unseasonably warm weather, with clear sunny skies and temps in the 60s and 70s. Which is wonderful and all, but means we haven't been getting rain. We're facing the 3rd year of a drought, which will have a bad impact on an already dire economy. Lower temperatures usually come with a storm, and there's supposed to be one moving through beginning on Thursday. Even if that messes up my usual volunteer day at Habitat for Humanity, I'm all for it.

In any event, today I worked on the kitchen. Not by tearing down walls, removing old cabinets or the like. Not even by moving stuff out of the kitchen. No, I spent the day trying to find old files that were part of the overall house plans so said plans would open without complaints in the home design software I used. When I finally acknowledge that that wasn't going to happen, I moved to measuring the actual kitchen space. And realized that having the old files wouldn't have helped me that much, because the plans I submitted for permits didn't have exact measurements for the kitchen (or probably anything else, for that matter). So I've begun creating a new set of plans, this time for just the kitchen, so I can figure out exact cabinet layouts and such.


NV said...

Doing a bastardized version of a Hopi rain dance on your behalf in my living room. Toby the Cat is NOT amused.

Unknown said...

Keep dancing! Not because I think it'll work, but because the image amuse me so :-)