Monday, January 26, 2009

Temporary Kitchen

I'm sitting here waiting for the mayor's state of the city address to start and admiring the video creation skills of of the folks over at KTOP, the Oakland government access channel. Since we don't have cable, we don't get it on-air, but thanks to the intertubes, I can watch in online. Their 'random pics of Oakland' video reminds me of what a beautiful, diverse city we live in. There's even footage from Habitat for Humanity showing a wall going up on the Thrivent Builds house (I might be in that shot, but the online video quality was too bad for me to tell.)

In any event, I spent today taking out some more parts of the kitchen wall. Partly because it'll help give K and I a better idea of the space before we finalize the design (which we need to do soon), and partly because it's a lot more fun than searching my office for the install CD for the home design software I made the plans with.

While I was working on it, a thought occurred to me. We're planning on using the other bathroom as part of the kitchen while the kitchen remodel is underway. One problem will be washing dishes, either in the bathroom sink, or maybe in a makeshit sink in the shower. Why not put the dishwasher in the bathroom? It has updated wiring now including a GFCI outlet, it has water, so why not? OK, problem number one is space...even though a dishwasher only has a footpring of 2'x2' or so, the bathroom doesn't have that kind of space that wouldn't be in the way of the sink or the door. So...why not temporarily take out the toilet, and put the dishwasher there? It'll cost me a wax ring and a bit of work, but it'd be pretty easy, and simplify having no real kitchen.

So (ignoring code issues), is there some good reason not to do this?

edit: I forgot to mention that the dishwasher is on its last legs, so we'll be getting a new one when the kitchen is done. So even if the dishwasher got damaged by being more exposed in the bathroom, it wouldn't be a big deal.


PJD said...

Having no dishwasher is an excellent excuse for eating out.

Unknown said...

An excellent excuse, and good for the economy, but gets expensive pretty quickly.

Katarina said...

Hey, we could always drop our dirty dishes off at a neighbor's house and offer to pick them back up after they're clean! If we alternate among our neighbors, how could they possibly mind? Plus doing the drop-off and pick-up part of the work would be pretty darn generous of us, methinks.