Thursday, January 08, 2009

Back to work

Today I worked on the house again. Not cleaning, not moving stuff, but actual home improvementy-type stuff.

Actually I did some yesterday, too, putting up radiant barrier insulation under the addition. But mostly I rearranged some of my computer gear (to put the wireless router up higher, amongst other things, for better reception around the house) and cleaned up my office a bit, so it didn't really feel like working on the house, because it mostly wasn't.

But today there was no cleaning. I rerouted the circuit for our offices (bedrooms #2 and #3) from one subpanel to the other. I'd originally run it to the subpanel I added for the addition and kitchen, because there wasn't room on the main panel and I hadn't added the other subpanel yet. But it makes a lot more sense location-wise on the 2nd subpanel, and frees up a slot for the myriad circuits that will be needed for the kitchen. I also pulled out the last of the old electrical runs that I replaced with new, up to code runs back in November.

On the less fun end of the spectrum was pulling out some of the insulation the POs had installed incorrectly. What part of "do not leave facing exposed" was unclear? The unfun part was playing Russian roulette, and hoping the next piece I pulled down wasn't covered in mouse droppings. Urgh. Anyways, I pulled it down where I was running electrical, installed some radiant barrier insulation, and reinstalled the unsoiled insulation the right way around.

So at the end of the day, nothing looks different. But it will simplify running electrical for some new outlets in K's office, and will simplify things later.

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