Thursday, January 08, 2009

Ooo...we're trendy

According to (via Charles and Hudson) our house is pretty trendy and has features that will help boost its value with buyers. We have their "10 Things You Must Put in Your Next House" list pretty decently covered:
  1. Radiant-heated bathroom floors - check
  2. Butcher block countertops - nope
  3. Glass tiles - considering for the kitchen
  4. Dual flush toilet - check
  5. Low-flow showerheads - check
  6. On-demand water heater - check
  7. Water re-circulator - considered, rejected for now because our water usage is low
  8. Folding patio-door - maybe if we had a bigger house...
  9. Central vacuum - nope
  10. Excellent insulation - check -- I've blogged about this before (1, 2)
That's 5 yesses and 1 maybe without evening trying in an addition and remodel. Of course, we're doing the work on the house to make it what we want and to reduce the resources it uses, not to increase the sales value. The nice-but-not-million-dollar view from the bedroom is for us, not the next people who own the house. But it's nice to know the work isn't detracting from the value of the house. The economy is doing that well enough on its own.

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