Saturday, February 21, 2009

Behold...the Kitchen of the Future!

the kitchen of the future

Sure, you were expecting rotating refrigerators, dome top cookers, and levitating frying pans. No, our kitchen of the future is a little more down to earth. It'll be split between the dining room table (which is in the living room) for prep and cooking, and the bathroom for cleanup, with the occasional foray to the deck to use the grill.

Rosie the explorer

This week has been cleaning out and packing stuff from the kitchen so I can demolish things on Monday. Rosie was happy to help, if by 'help' you mean explore empty cabinets and drawers. K is busy making lasagna for tonight's guests in what will be the last use of the oven and stove for a while. It'll live without a proper kitchen for a while. Wish us luck!


kathy said...

Goodluck Gene!

lizzie said...

It will be sooo worth it! Hang in there!

jake said...

Hows the wife holding up?

Unknown said...

She's holding up well. We're both ready to have the kitchen done so we can switch from microwaveable food, takeout, and eating out back to regular food.