Thursday, January 05, 2006


Not the buggy software kind, but the dual-pane kind. Lots of windows, i.e., the single biggest cost in building the addition. They arrived today, and with Kat to help me with the bigger ones, I moved them down into the addition for safe-keeping. The sliding back door isn't in yet, but that's OK since I can't install any of them until after the inspection.

I finally managed to get through on the inspection scheduling line. The other day I when I called, I got all sorts of strange behavior, but no people, and no callback from leaving a message. Today my call went through with no problem, and the next available inspection is Monday. That's fine by me, as I've got bits and pieces to finish up, and I want to check things over one more time. Not the end of the world if I don't pass the inspection the first time, but it'd still be nice.

I'm hoping stuff will have a chance to dry out thoroughly so I can put roofing, siding, etc. on. Assuming I can find some 1x12 v-rustic siding. I got a guesstimate from one place (it would be a special order) that was in the range of $5 per linear foot. Ouch.

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