Friday, January 20, 2006

Hello Down There

I've been working on roughing in the plumbing vents. Between the normal framing, the loft, and the extra blocking required because the wall height is over 8', there's a lot of holes to drill to get from the floor to the roof.

As I always do, I dry-fit the pipes together before starting to glue them. It's a tight enough fit, and 3" DWV pipe is rigid enough that I couldn't get them apart once I'd put them together. I ended having to cut one piece to get the others out, and cut a new section of pipe to replace it.

Along with the plumbing I started framing the shower stall. Normally that would be pretty much just the existing walls, but because the foundation is higher on that side of the house, there will necessarily be a ledge on two sides. Like the rest of the addition, the shower will be unique.

I also peeled up the extra tar paper on the cricket to let that dry out. The forecast shows mostly sunny for the next 5 days -- woohoo! I need to get the cricket weather-tight sooner rather than later, though, so I'm going to figure out some way to make it work before the exterior drywall and subsequent inspection.

A while back I ordered end caps from Byers' LeafGuard ("the gutter that never clogs"), to seal off the ends of the gutters that I cut where the addition now stands. I worked my way up through various sealant and adhesive products and finally got one of them to stop leaking. Much to my annoyance, though, the other kept dripping when it rained. I discovered yesterday that the end is sealed, but it's downslope from downspout, so it fills with water and overflows. That's what's dripping. D'oh! Not surprising, since the house has settled over the years and has distinct slant that direction. So add re-aligning the gutter to the list of things to do ("the tasks that never end.")


Katarina said...

Byers' LeafGuard--"the gutter that never clogs, but simply leaks and overflows"
BTW, that's a cool photo. I *think* that's the view from the roof looking all the way down to the foundation through the hole that will contain the plumbing vent ... am I right??

Unknown said...

Yep. Shingles and roof sheathing on the right; the plywood on the left is the loft above the bathroom.