Thursday, January 12, 2006


Well, half a roof. Tuesday I worked with Edis. In the morning I peeled off the storm-ripped tarpaper from the south half of the roof, and we let things dry out until afternoon. We worked on blocking up the soffit vents, and in the afternoon put some regular composition shingles on much of the south half of the roof. Rain was forecast for Tuesday night and Wednesday, so we buttoned things back up with tarpaper.

Wednesday was a fruitless search for 1x12 v-rustic siding. Well, not entirely fruitless. I got a call back today with a price: $125 setup fee, and $5.35 a linear foot. Ouch. Unmilled 1x12 is just as hard to find, and almost as expensive. I may be going with the 1x10 v-rustic, and doing what I can so the different is less noticeable. I think the only place it will really be a problem is by the back door. Unfortunately that's next to the deck, so easily visible. But fortunately since it's next to the door, the amount visible is very small. I may be able to do something like put salvaged 1x12 next to the existing siding on one side of the door, and 1x10 on the other side. We'll see.

Today I finished putting shingles on the south half of the roof. Given the lead time for getting shingles to even vaguely match the existing cement tiles, I think I'm going to put composition shingles on the whole roof. Then when I do get something to match, I'll cover the north half with that. The south half is only visible from the neighbor's house up the hill, and will eventually be covered with solar panels anyways. Before I can cover the north roof, I need to run the vent pipes for the plumbing up through the roof, so that'll be next. Rain is in the forecast this weekend, so having real roofing is a comforting thing. I just wish I had the drywall and house wrap on the addition so I could properly roof the cricket over the existing house. The flashing needs to go under the shingles, under the siding, and over the drywall and house wrap. So it has to be put on later. Hmmph.

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