Monday, January 09, 2006

3 for 3

I had the nailing part of the framing inspection today, and passed with no problems. Wahoo!

Some proper roofing and the exterior drywall are next, followed by installing the windows. A quick inspection to make sure I've put the drywall on, then the siding then rough in the plumbing and electrical before final framing inspection. They want to make sure you don't cut through too much stuff in the walls when you put the pipes and wires into place.

I had some questions about the wacky exterior drywall thing with regards to roof venting. Turns out soffit vents are a no-no for my design (walls less than 20', overhang more than 9"), which makes sense since it would let heated air straight into the attic. So I'll be putting vents on the gable ends instead. The other option would be to enclose the soffits, but that wouldn't match the existing house. (And would be a pain to do at this point.)

I may end up making my own v-rustic 1x12 siding. I bought an inexpensive router table, and while waiting for the inspector, tried out matching the profile of the siding. It'll take a while, and produce a heck of a lot of sawdust, but it may be the best option to get what I need.

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