Monday, May 11, 2009

Muddy Kitchen

one coat on, two to go

Last week was a blur of putting up drywall and taping and mudding it. The momentous part of that is that I'm done with the drywall lift, so it'll be headed over to Casa Decrepit for them to use in redoing the ceiling in their dining room. That room will eventually become their kitchen, but regardless the plaster needs to be replaced as it has water damage coupled with the damage inflicted by the lowered ceilings. Drywall lifts make putting drywall on ceilings so much easier, they're worth borrowing, renting or buying if you've got very much to put up. Even more so if you've got high ceilings like they do.

Today will be a (final?) dump run, and buying some more mud for the second and third coats, and some 1/4" plywood to put over the subfloor. That's because we'll be putting down linoleum (the natural stuff, not vinyl flooring), and it's best to have a smooth surface for it. The OSB subfloor would probably be OK, but the old 1x8 diagonal subflooring that I didn't replace doesn't come close to qualifying.


jake said...

I know its a lot of work... I helped my brother with his 1500 sq ft addition a few years ago... but it is all worth it! Nice job.

Elin said...

Looking great. We hated doing drywall. A LOT. And ps . . . it is never the last dump run. Somehow there is always more.

Unknown said...

I'm not wild about hanging drywall (though it's a lot easier with the lift), but I actually kind of enjoy the taping and mudding. I'm not very fast at it, though.