Wednesday, May 13, 2009

More Life as a Truck

at the lumber yard

Today I finished the next coat of mud, showed the addition and kitchen remodel to a long-time friend from Habitat, and actually got the 1/4" plywood to smooth out the subfloor.

The plywood is so smooth and lovely that we're considering using it as the flooring. I just need to find a durable enough (and non-toxic) finish to protect it, and a good way to fasten it down. I'm contemplating ripping it into 2x8 or maybe 1x8 strips, so it can be laid out in a staggered pattern. In any event, we'll have it as our flooring for a while to consider, so we can see if we like the look or not.

The plywood is so smooth that I had a hard time securing it to the roof. It seemed OK, but it slid significantly when I braked. While I was stopped to refasten the load, someone stopped and asked me for directions that I could actually give (and had a map to show them), so it worked out nicely.


NV said...

You're crackin' me up with these modified pick-up antics. I'm glad I'm not the only crazy person out there getting passenger cars to do things the manufacturer never intended. :-)

Someone asked the mother if Ladybird had been traded when I bought Pearl. She said: "No. We had to keep the mule."

Laura Goderez said...

Enjoyed seeing myself in your blog as the "old friend from Habitat"! I'm sure you already know this but those decorated cars are called "Art Cars" and the annual Berkeley parade usually has lots of them to see and enjoy. Very creative. Anyway, because of blogging your kitchen saga, Gene, now you have to have all of us over for a feed prepared in said kitchen when done!!!!!

Unknown said...

A Habitat party is planned for when the kitchen and dining room are done. And I described you as a "long-time friend", not "old" :-)

I'm very glad your bad computer vibe didn't keep you from reading (and commenting on) the blog.