Monday, May 04, 2009

Inspection Passed!

Hugo, the inspector from the city, left a few minutes ago. I passed building, electrical and plumbing, so I'm good to go to cover the walls. He would have preferred I had all the plumbing done (right now I just have the vent stack), but was OK with deferring it to later. That's because I can't go into the wall and down, but have to go straight down, so more of it will be in the sink cabinet. The other comment upon inspecting the subpanel was that the bedroom breaker needs to be AFCI. That's relatively new to the building code, so I wasn't aware of the requirement. I'd seen AFCI breakers at Home Depot, but didn't know where they were required, and given the higher cost, wasn't going to go installing them in every circuit. In any event, I'm happy and K will be, too, because now I can cover the walls (and more importantly given the current weather, the ceiling.)


jake said...

Congrats! Another check mark accomplished :) :)

Katarina said...


Todd - Home Construction Improvement said...


In my state of NH the AFCI area now required throughout the house. They are actually quite a pain...they trip very easily making home owners a bit annoyed!!

Good luck!

NV said...

That's awesome, Gene. Congrats!

Anna said...

Great news!

Congratulations and best wishes,

Unknown said...

Thanks, all.

@Todd - are there things in particular that make the AFCIs trip more often? e.g., particular appliances, vacuum cleaners, etc.?