Tuesday, July 19, 2005


The dual-pane kind, not the buggy software kind. I spent much of the day installing new windows at my friend Cindy's, who runs Oakland Firefighters Random Acts. It's a great local non-profit, but part of the original plan was to have it spread all over, which it's started to do. There are now Random Acts programs in California, Arizona, Ohio and Tennessee. Probably more that I don't know about.

My charming assistant for the window install was none other than Larry Hendricks, the Oakland firefighter who started Random Acts. As part of the fund raising for that, Larry has started the Burning Pianos project. (Nothing at the website yet, but they just recorded a song for it, and shot and edited a music video for the song.) It was a good thing to have someone to work with, because the center window of the three was about 5' by 5', and heavier than I could have installed alone. I ripped out most of the old windows, then with two of us we made short work of framing up a new opening, and getting the windows put in and squared up.

Tomorrow I'm off to the city to talk about changing the plans a bit, and spend the rest of the day helping Camron-Stanford House get their database updated so they can get their insurance straightened out. In other words, no planned work on the house for a bit.

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