Thursday, July 28, 2005

Next Step, Lego

Tuesday was supposed to be my biweekly apheresis at the Red Cross, but I got there to discover the type of machines they normally use with me were full. The other type is very similar, but uses different anti-coagulants, and we discovered my body doesn't like them as well. So it was off to Camron-Stanford House to work on the database, et al. Only to discover their Mac wouldn't boot. After spending a while trying different things, I gave up and took it to a local repair shop. Which is to say, Tuesday was not a particularly productive day.

Wednesday I worked with Naun. He did wear his new boots, though he commented they were 'pesado'. My dictionary didn't have it, so a quick trip to Babel Fish and I found out it meant 'heavy', a fact I can't argue with. But I reminded him they were to protect his feet. He seems more relaxed, and it was a good work day. Building more forms for the foundation footing, and bending, placing and tying rebar. I got him to laugh again on the drive home. He asked how much the car (a '94 VW Golf III, 4D) cost, and I told him I didn't know since it was 12 years old. (The Kelly Blue Book says somewhere between $2,100 and $2,500.) Then we saw a classic Corvette convertible zip past, and I said, "That car cost much more than this one." (pause) "But he can't carry lumber and rebar with his car." OK, still not the funniest joke in the world, but it's nice to see him relax a bit.

Today I worked alone on finishing up the footing forms and rebar. A couple more pieces to tie in tomorrow, and I'm ready for the ICFs. They should go up quickly, so I'm hoping to get an inspection and pour next week. Wahoo!

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