Friday, July 15, 2005

Firm Foundations

Yesterday I spent most of the day helping my friend Cindy pick up some new windows at Home Depot. We've done a bunch of work on her rental unit while she doesn't have tenants in it. I'll be over to install the new windows next week sometime. It wasn't the biggest load I've ever carried on the Golf (that honor goes to the 20' long rebar that Naun and I brought home the other day), nor the heaviest (a mound of Trex for building the new steps at Cindy's), but it was pretty darn big. But we got it safely to Cindy's, and with the help of a couple of neighbors, carried up into the house. In the afternoon I finished drilling into the current foundation (yay!) and bent the #5 rebar, then epoxied it into place.

Today Naun and I started building forms for the foundation. A painstaking process, since everything needs to be exact, but is on a large scale. And we learned that larger trenches are a good thing...and we need them. It's difficult nigh unto impossible to hammer the building stakes into the foundation forms with a limited amount of room. We got a start, but more digging will be needed before we progress much further. Somewhat frustrating.

It didn't help that today was hot. SF Gate says it was a high of 77, but I think it was warmer than that. There was some fog forming over the San Francisco this evening, so maybe it'll be a bit cooler. But the forecast says not for a while, so we'll see.

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