Sunday, May 11, 2008

Live from Biloxi...'s Sunday afternoon. Yesterday and today were check-in for the JRCWP 2008, and there's an opening ceremony this evening. Tomorrow at oh-dark-thirty, the shuttles start running to the worksites. Between the 2 hour time difference and the travel, waking up tomorrow is going to be a challenge.

The hotel we're staying at is nice. Too nice, in some ways. It's a glitzy casino, so most of the people traipsing through the lobby fall into 3 distinct groups: hotel staff, gamblers, and Habitat volunteers. Even without the plethora of Habitat t-shirts and hats from around the world, it's pretty easy to tell the 3 groups apart. It's kind of jarring to walk a couple blocks from the hotel and see how much work still needs to be done. I attended a service at a nearby church this morning. They're in the process of moving to a new location, about 10 miles NW of their current location. Partly because of the damage to the church, but mostly because a lot of people moved away after Katrina.

The bus ride from Louis Armstrong Airport in New Orleans didn't let us see too much, but it's clear that the whole area still needs a lot of work. It'll be interesting to see Pascagoula and points in between tomorrow on the way to our worksite.

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