Thursday, May 10, 2007

Oy Vey

In very exciting news, I worked on the house yesterday. In even more exciting news, I worked on it again today! Though neither was what you'd call a full work day, it felt awfully good to do some work on the house.

But I realized just how long it's been since I did any work on it. I made a list of stuff to do before demolishing the kitchen back in February, and I haven't done any of it yet, and I realized that I forgot some things on the list, too. The last real day of work on the house before yesterday was all the way back to March 12th, almost two months ago.

Oy vey.

But yesterday I cleaned out the dining room, which had become a storage area and staging area for the Mexico mission trip, Habitat / Thrivent Builds workdays, etc., tidied the basement, and weed-whacked the backyard. Today I cut a little of the old subfloor and a little of the new subfloor in the dining room so I could insulate the odd little gap between the ledger board and what passes as a rim joist and put new subflooring down.

I also installed the post that ties the HBB to the foundation. Lest the cantilever section of the loft cause the far end of the beam to lift up, the city engineer specified the HBB had to be tied to the foundation with a 4x4 post. Originally I was going to have to put a 16x16 footing under it, too, but I got him to sign off on a 12x12 instead since that already existed. I still have to drill into the foundation for a bolt for an earthquake holddown to connect it to the foundation, but it was a nice chunk of work to get it into place. I used a 4x6 instead of a 4x4 to account for the existing wall being a little off the foundation. It hadn't shifted -- they'd actually notched a 2x4 to hang over the outside to make things line up.


Unknown said...

Hi Gene in California, this is Gene in Ohio. This could get confusing as I used to be in the Bay Area too.

I added a comment about using PEX, but I can sum it up by saying I will never use copper again. Of course, I am a hack with solder, so anything it better than my Frankenplumbing with copper. You can read the whole thing at

Leslie said...

Do you have any idea how refreshing it is to read about another houseblogger who gets a whole lot less done than planned? I read some of these blogs and they just seem to accomplish more in a weekend than I KNOW I'll be able to get done all summer. Ah, well.

Unknown said...

Be refreshed. Be very refreshed :-) Though I did work on the house today.