Monday, May 07, 2007

Eek! I'm Famous!

Well, OK, not really famous. But I am volunteer of the month at Habitat for Humanity East Bay. I guess I'm doing OK on my Thrivent Builds support, as we had a good turn out by Lutherans at the build-a-thon. Overall the 2007 build-a-thon was a big success. There were 420 volunteer days over 4 days (31 volunteer days by Lutherans) and it's raised over $95,000 (still counting).

My sister-in-law, my pastor and I worked at the building site again last Friday. It's a very different pace than during the build-a-thon -- pretty relaxed in comparison. I'll be volunteering at the building site on a regular basis again (for a number of years I went out every week), and working to encourage my fellow Lutherans to do the same.

Now I just need to get back to work on our house.

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Jean Martha said...

Rock on!!! That's great!!!