Wednesday, December 07, 2005


I've been working on the roof with Abel this week: lookouts, fly rafters, fascia (no, not the bottom of my foot, but the thing on the end of the rafters), and the roof decking that's visible from underneath. Yesterday we got all but the decking done on the south side of the roof, so today that part went very quickly. We even put down some tar paper, so it's close to a real roof on that side.

But on the north side, I still needed to trim the rafter tails to the same length, and found out that I needed to make some "adjustments" to one of the fly rafters. After noodling over it a while, I figured out what to do without any major surgery, but it definitely slowed us down. Later in the afternoon, the sprinkles of rain turned into some real rain, so we put a tarp over the north side of the roof and I put Abel to work on the hurricane ties while I worked on trimming the existing gutters so I could put some proper endcaps on them.

And a final roof! to my sister-in-law's family -- they're planning to get a dog soon. Probably a 7 month old Australian shepherd. I just wish the cats were more amenable to us dog-sitting...

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