Monday, October 10, 2005

Still Waiting...

The lumber arrived this morning from Economy Lumber. A couple of the 8ft. 2x6s look a bit gnarly (lots of wane), but everything was there. It didn't look like $1000+ of lumber, even with the big 16ft. 4x12. But then I spent a couple of hours moving it from the street into the carport, and it certainly felt like that much lumber. My neighbor Jon offered to help, but I had a good start on it and he was off to an appointment, so I declined.

I've been expecting the inspector to call to let me know a window for the inspection, but hadn't heard anything by lunchtime. And I was reminded this is Columbus Day, so I started wondering if they'd scheduled an inspection for a day no inspectors were working. So I called the city, and found out their computers are the whole building. D'oh! Inspectors are making their rounds as best they can, but without access to their files, well...I may be waiting longer. Hmmph. I'm ready to build some walls!


Spider Girl said...

Ah, home renovation! Such a joy and a pain!

I'm in the middle of it myself, although not to your extent. Good luck with your renos. :)

Unknown said...

Spider in the Bathtub, eh? You'd like our yard...spiders love it. We've been trying to train them not to build across the front walk, but with not much success so far.

What sort of renovations are you up to?