Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Rain, Rain, Go Away

I'm very glad I spent Monday and Tuesday at the worship seminar, but today was not a fun-filled day. The seminar was awesome. I learned some things, got some new ideas, and most importantly, got a chance to worship God and recharge my batteries a bit. Most Sundays I don't get to be as involved in the service as much as I'd like, because I'm too busy helping make sure the service happens. Running sound, the projector with the order of worship and liturgy, the lighting (such as we have control of that), and dealing with setup in general, I don't get much chance to get involved in the service. But Monday and Tuesday, I didn't have to worry about that. But in typical fashion, I did worry about some of that..."how did they do that?" "can we do that?" "we do that better", etc.

But today, I awoke somewhat tired from all the social activity and the later than usual nights, and to the sound of rain falling. Ack! The forecast had a chance of rain Thursday and Friday, but this was most definitely rain, and on Wednesday. There was water getting various places, but nothing too bad. But there was a rather alarming pool of water that had collected in a low spot in the tarp, so I raced around adjusting things, and finally figured out how to get rid of the pool of water on the tarp without making a total mess of things.

And then I raced off to the dentist to get my broken tooth looked at, running late because of the added traffic from the rain. The dentist built some forms around the tooth and patched it up, but a variety of power tools were involved, which made a slight headache into a major headache in short order. I got some ibuprofen and headed off to Home Depot. I got another tarp, but mostly more wood for building some of the smaller wall sections. To accompany the process of loading the madera, err, wood, onto the car, I heard the lovely sound of a piledriver working on some nearby freeway. Ugh...that didn't help the iboprofen at all.

But I got things loaded, made it home, and by that time the rain had mostly stopped. And even managed to get some things done. Added some brackets to connect the cut roof and ceiling joists to the Hecka Big Beam, removed some siding so I could add strapping to connect said beam to the existing wall, and framed some of the short wall sections in the loft. Now you can even see where the windows in the loft will be. Despite the added cruft, not a bad day's work.

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