Sunday, August 21, 2005

Ready to Pour!

After some misadventures getting the Simpson ICF ledger connectors, I'm ready to pour! I thought the ledger connectors came in two catalog pieces, but I wasn't sure. The guy at Economy Lumber thought they came in one piece...but that's because that was all that was in stock at their supplier. So the first trip ended up in only getting half of what I needed, despite a valiant late-Friday-afternoon effort by Dave at the Simpson warehouse in San Leandro. Another trip to Economy Lumber (thanks, Jesse!), a short wait, and I got the pieces I needed. I installed them today after church, along with some pipes to leave spaces for the HVAC vent and waste plumbing, and now I'm ready to pour!

Here's a picture of me working with the QuadLock:

Oh, wait...wrong picture. Here's the right one:See? I told you they looked a lot like Lego. It was more complicated because of the stepped foundation, diagonal wall, multiple levels, and tying into the existing house, but they'd be a real joy to work with on a relatively level lot for a new house. If I ever build a new house myself, I'll definitely consider making the whole thing out of them.


CaptKirk said...

Way, way too cute Mr. Gene, but it did make me smile. I suppose that's the whole idea.

Cool. Big kids Legos. And, you can really build a house with them

Unknown said...

Can you say "too much free time, an odd sense of humor, and way too much experience with Photoshop?" :-)