Sunday, August 14, 2005

Busy, Busy, Busy

I've been busy this past week, but not much on the house. I design and run the media at church, and most of the past week I was at a technology for worship conference, Inspiration West. Purists may wonder about sound, projecting images and lighting for a church; secularists may wonder what's taken the church so long. I tend towards the latter. The message hasn't change in 2,000 years, but the delivery has changed to make it heard by people of the times. The Catholic church changing masses to be in the vernacular instead of Latin is case in point. The point is the message; if it isn't heard, it isn't heard, period.

Resurrection is a fairly small church (about 150 people each Sunday between two services; I'm not sure what the offical congregation size is), but growing. Various of us have been working on updating the delivery for a while now. We've been projecting hymn and song lyrics for several years, along with the liturgy, and images relevant to the week's sermon. But we know there's more we can do to appeal to people in today's culture, and also make the lessons clearer and more memorable. People learn better when multiple senses are involved, and when there are fewer distractions. So we're working on better lighting, clearer sound, and stuff like video when appropritate (e.g., for baptisms, since no one but the person being baptized, the pastor and the sponsors can see much).

This week will have its share of distractions, too. Camron-Stanford House Monday morning, apheresis Tuesday, visiting family Wednesday, and who knows what else by the time Thursday rolls around. I've got plenty else I want to do this week, too, including repairing the narthex and cry room speakers, burning a practice CD for the contemporary service worship team, Holy Ruckus, making CDs of the past couple of services, working on a website for a friend, and working with my wife on some music of a new friend. He's written a great song, "Heart of a Lion". Fits great with one of the organizations I work with, Oakland Firefighters Random Acts. They do a lot of work with Special Olympics, and also with Saleh, an Iraqi boy who was badly injured by a bomb and rescued by a U.S. Air Force surgeon. The nickname the doctor gave him because of his strength, courage and perseverance in the light of grave injuries? Lionheart. He and his family now live in the SF Bay Area, and he wants to be a firefighter. I'd normally say it could never happen, but this kid is so full of energy and heart, I wouldn't bet against it.

I'm hoping to be ready for a pre-pour inspection by Friday, but I'm learning to set my expectations in accordance with the rest of my schedule. I've got the foundation forms done except for the short diagonal wall, so it may even happen.

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