Monday, October 11, 2010

Remodeling Really Fast

Imeant to post this a while back (say, back when I'd actually finished the work in early September), but didn't get around to unloading the pictures from the camera until today. In any event, here's a sped up version of process of renovating K's office. We tore out the drywall in the outer walls; ran new electrical, phone and Cat-5; straightened out the door; installed an exterior light outside the door; and insulated the walls. And of course repainted everything when we were done.

While the walls are open, you can see why blown in insulation as a retrofit would be more difficult. Not only are there diagonal braces between the studs, but there are some horizontal braces here and there, too. So it would mean at least 3 holes in some stud bays.


pelenaka said...

Love it, pity I don't own a camera that speeds up the process. Oh so it isn't the camera?
Totally agree about blown in insulation. I have 108 year old ballon framming with 5" between the interior & exterior walls. Gutting out the plaster & lathe then putting in fire stops, new wiring, and insulation. So far just the bathroom working on the livingroom. Then a downstairs bathroom for our golden years.

Kevin said...

Hey, time lapse was a great idea. And yeah, blown-in is overblown to me. The cost alone seems to mitigate any potential benefits to doing it.

Unknown said...

I don't think blown in is a bad idea, if it's done right. But the way it's normally done for retrofits is to drill large holes into each stud bay and fill them. With all the dividers and braces, that wouldn't work well for us.

And it's definitely not practical for small jobs like this with just one room.

Unknown said...

What? No new perches for kitties? what were you thinking???

-house denizens, lower level