Sunday, June 06, 2010

Dual Flush Toilet Conversion

The rains finally seem to have stopped for the summer. This winter was an El Niño year, which helped make up for the previous years of drought. But that means that it's time to get ready for fire season, so I've been busy pulling blackberries and weed-whacking the yard. Each year usually gets a little easier, but this year the growth has been above normal with all the rain we've gotten.

I took a break from that to fix the toilet in the original bathroom. It's a 1.6 GPF toilet that I installed some years back that's worked fairly well. Lately the fill valve sometimes doesn't shut off, which can waste a large amount of water if it goes unnoticed. I decided to replace the flush mechanism at the same time with a dual flush conversion kit.

I saw a similar product at West Coast Green last year, then saw them install one on Ask This Old House. On the HydroRight website they claim it can be installed without tools in 5 to 10 minutes. That's true, though it requires a pencil and a measuring bucket plus a few minutes to calibrate for optimal water usage.

Replacing the fill valve with their HydroClean valve took a little longer, though not much. The hardest part was removing the old fill valve and required a wrench. Installing the new one was very easy. The nut to attach the new valve underneath is even self-calibrating: you just turn it until it clicks once or twice, and it's properly tightened.

My only concern is the long-term durability of the valve and flush mechanism. They seem well designed, but they're all plastic. That's pretty common for toilet parts these days, but does give me pause. The manufacturer, MJSI, offers a 5 year warranty on both, though hopefully it will last longer than that.

enjoying the sun

As usual, Star was unimpressed. She was too busy enjoying the warmth and sunshine.

Hey, FTC! I didn't receive any thing in exchange for this review. Though I'd be happy to if MJSI wants to give me something :-)


Our Little Beehive said...

thanks for stopping by our blog - our tank had the hydroclean thing in it already when I opened it up to install the dual flush. Our previous owners must have installed it at least 6 mos. ago (probably more). The tank was spotless so I think it works pretty well. I was impressed!

Bunny @ 86n It said...

Interesting. I already have the lo-flo from Hydro-clean installed, but have been wanting to get a dual flush for a while. Thanks for the tip!
(We've had the lo-flo on for years and it has held up well!)

Unknown said...

One thing I discovered after my sister's family visited. The buttons are pretty firm, and my 5-year-old nephew had a difficult time pushing them with his small fingers. But other than that, the dual=flush conversion has been working great.

Anonymous said...

These photos are great. I installed my HydroClean in no time at all! I'm really happy with the quality of the valve as I was a tad skeptical. Turns out, it works great. I plan to buy these as christmas gifts for my family. Thanks MJSI!!