Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Home Energy Efficiency

blower door

Greetings if you're coming from Jetson Green! An article of mine on home energy efficiency was just published there. I had a home energy audit done recently and wrote about the results. In short it was well worth doing. For DIYer types, it includes links to some useful docs on the Energy Star website for better sealing your home.


supershanefx said...

I'd like to find a similar service in Seattle area. where should I look?

Unknown said...

I'd probably start by checking with the Seattle HomeWise program. If you qualify, you can get some weatherization for free. If not, they may be able to give you a list of local businesses that do home energy audits. Also check out their do-it-yourself guide (PDF) for weatherizing your home.

I don't know anything about the companies listed, but Googling on seattle home energy audit gives some listings.