Tuesday, August 04, 2009

To Say Nothing of the Kitchen Sink

Nothing too exciting to write about. Yesterday I finished hooking up the vent for the range hood. This afternoon I spent cleaning up the dining room so I can move forward with that. It's been full of cardboard, boxes, pieces of styrofoam, etc. from the kitchen work. Everything (including the kitchen sink) had packaging. Some a little, some a lot, but it all added up to a substantial amount of cardboard. K had cut a bunch of it up before to go in the recycling bin, but there was still a fair amount left. Some of it I'd used to protect the plywood underlayment while installing the cabinets, and some had been re-used for various tasks before that, but most of it was just waiting to be recycled. I even have a potential lead on recycling most of the styrofoam. Each of the cabinets had styrofoam on the corners, and numerous other things had pieces here and there, so it added up to a fair amount. The catch is that they're waiting on some new equipment, and so can't accept donations right now. But better than into a landfill.


NV said...

I hear ya! We try to at the very least REUSE what we can't recycle -- including the styrofoam. It has come in handy with all the trim and ceiling tile/backsplash painting in recent months.

The mother just CANNOT see your stove. She will demand one. (That's what she really wanted but no way it would fit without losing more than half our cabinets!) LOVE it!

Unknown said...

The stove belonged to my grandparents. It is a beast -- the space for it is 50" wide. It fits nicely in the new kitchen, but took a significant portion of the space in the old one.

Cyndy said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and especially for making a photoshopped yellow version of the vent pipe chimney. I hope you don't mind that I stole it and added it to my post! Your kitchen looks great, and that stove is amazing. I'll enjoy reading about your progress in the future.

Unknown said...

Hey Gene!

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Looking forward to seeing how the rest of your DIY projects come along!