Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Today is the 9th anniversary of when K and I got married, the 47th anniversary of when my parents got married, and tomorrow is the 4th anniversary of DIY Insanity!

I haven't been posting recently, not because we're busy celebrating, but because I was sick last week with strep or some other throat infection. I sounded first like Froggy of the Little Rascals, then eventually progressed to a loud whisper. I spent the time doing things like installing the knobs and pulls, and researching and buying various things like a towel rack, compost bucket and range hood. Today I checked out a belt sander from the tool-lending library and tomorrow I'll tackle the floor. But tonight we celebrate with a nice dinner at a restaurant here in Oakland.


NV said...

Happy anniversary Gene and K! And glad you're feeling better. Would have REALLY been miserable to be sick and miss out on the celebrations!

jake said...

Congrats Gene! You definitely deserve a night out!

Jim said...

Gene and Kat, may you have many many more reasons to celebrate! Brigitte and I wish the best for you. Thanks to some duct tape, a long handled spoon and a Verizon broadband modem, I can do so from a retreat in the wilds of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Life is indeed good.

Our best to both of you,

-Jim & Brigitte

artemis said...

Happy Anniversary (and funny---today is my parents' anniversary, too!) Enjoy the night out!

Unknown said...

Thanks, all! We had a lovely dinner at BayWolf (artemis and Jim probably know it).