Thursday, March 05, 2009

Sign Sign Everywhere A Sign

unhappy trails to you...

  • sign that you've got termite damage: see picture
  • sign that you've been watching a lot of Battlestar Galactica: you say "frak!" upon discovering said damage
  • sign that a board has termite damage even though it looks OK on the outside: it sounds like a frakking rain stick when you tilt it
This was a joist below the area of subfloor that looked a bit spotty, so I'm very glad I decided to replace more subfloor. I took out the entire joist, but the one that was sistered to it I could only take out 8' of or so without major work. It looks clean after that, but that's no guarantee I've gotten all the infested wood. Still no live termites or even corpses, just trails and castings, but bleah.

I did actually say "frak" when I discovered the damaged joist, and didn't think about my word choice until later. K and I don't watch much TV, mostly movies from Netflix, but we recently discovered the new version of Battlestar Galactica. Besides the character names and the basic premise, it has very little in common with the cheesy 70's original that I watched as a child. This is much darker, better special effects, and deeper, more interesting characters. (The other word I've picked up from a sci-fi television series is "shiny". Bonus points to anyone who can name the series.)


Eliz. said...


I used my "biblio-kwan do" to reveal the answer. Bonus points to anyone who can name the origin of that phrase.

Unknown said...

Yip science fiction can do that for you. We often utter Jaffah Kri in our house when we want our kids to come hitter and do so double time...
by the way, I posted a Popeye cartoon on my blog about termites

The Young Ones said...

Definitely Firefly.

You just earned a spot on our Blogroll at

You have TASTE!


Unknown said...

@Kimberly - ah yes, Stargate. I loved the movie, and enjoyed the series, but it hasn't grabbed me the way the new BSG has, or (the sadly, short-lived) Firefly did. Great Popeye cartoon.

@Mark - thanks! I've hit your blog a couple of times from, but now I've added you to my RSS list for Google Reader.

The Young Ones said...

Hey, Gene,

Re: Firefly

I'm glad Baldwin is working on another fun show (Chuck). Of course, Summer is working on Terminator (not bad at all, though no Firefly). Fillion is busy as heck, which is good.

I think that show was the best sci-fi since STNG.

You might find this fun:

Unknown said...

Yeah, just caught of glimpse of an ad for "Castle" last night during Jeopardy (some of the small bit of TV we watch not on Netflix), and said, "Hey, it's Malcolm Reynolds!". Not being able to remember the actor's name, of course.

We've got the series DVDs and 'Serenity', but I wish Firefly was still around. It was what Star Trek should have been -- "Wagon Train to the Stars", as Gene Rodenberry once described the vision for ST.

The Young Ones said...


Google "Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog"

This is another Whedon special, starring, the "Captain"

I just watched it all yesterday and it's a work of art.

And re Firefly... I almost cry when I think of what we lost when they sabotaged then canceled Firefly...

What were those dorks thinking?!?!?