Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Before and After



After doing some major spackling on the recovered 12" siding, sanding, putting up trim, and caulking, today the new wall was ready to paint.

Katarina came home early (she's been busy working on some of the docs for Android) and said it looked great, but in reality it's more like Fox News coverage. At first glance it looks pretty good, but when you look closer you see it has some dirt and has some holes, and when you see it in the full light of day you realize it just plain stinks. But at some point we need to repaint the whole house, so this will do for now.


NV said...

Or, as I like to say, if someone wants to come to your house, get that technical, and then point out all the flaws to you, "They can go the hell home!" :-)

Looks pretty good to me, too. What a dramatic change.

Unknown said...

Thanks. I can always find more flaws in my work than they can...I know, because I put 'em there! :-)

I'm just happy that part is done. With the bumps along the way, it took much more work than I'd expected to get to this point with it.

PJD said...

Hmm. Isn't it difficult using those little tiny double doors instead of the much bigger one you used to have?

Unknown said...

Oh, sure, but it cut down on unwanted visitors so much we decided it was worth it :-)

Katarina said...

Ha ha! Yeah, it takes about ten minutes to crawl into the house, but once you're in it's really worth it!