Friday, August 08, 2008

Reused Materials

Now that the tile is all done, yesterday I installed the last bit of baseboard in the bathroom, and installed and primed some cleats to hold up the little shelves in the wall next to the shower. I'm using a couple of nice bits of beech that I had left over from building the kitty walkway and ladder to the loft, and I'll stain them cherry to match the vanity.

I also took some of the salvaged redwood decking from the walkway by the side of the house, and built a a little outdoor table to go in the sitting area near the Mediocre Wall. Not bad for a couple hours work, and a fine use of wood that was too short and too weathered to use for repairing the rest of the deck. In any event, it'll probably outlast the wall, and provides a fine place to set a beer while watching the sunset after a hard day's work. Also note the lovely handmade coasters made of reused materials :-)

We've been trying to reuse as much as we can during the remodel. The obvious (but difficult) thing was the 1x12 siding. We managed to reclaim enough of it that I haven't had to mill any new siding, but we'll see if that holds for the last bit of wall when the old front door goes away. The bedroom and bathroom doors are from the East Bay Habitat ReStore and the nearby ReUse People store. You can't reuse structural lumber, and there's limited gains to reusing uninsulated older windows, but fortunately the East Bay has a lot of options for reused building materials.


Aidan said...

Just discovered your blog Gene, must have good read later if that is ok, outside doing shrubs today and a bit of lawn cutting.

The ankle is ok, still a little swelled, but its driving me MAD lookin out at the weather and having the foot up!!

All the best

Onlinehandyman said...

Reused materials are always good - will save you a small fortune and sometimes be materials that you can't find any place else. Many times I have been doing jobs in older houses and saved materials that matched where I needed them in other places around the house. Good post - Great idea! Scott

Nate and Jen said...

You mentioned a kitty walkway in this post. I can't find it anywhere in your blog. Can you point me to a post describing it, if you have one?

Unknown said...

I looked, and I think you're right. There's a picture of the ladder here, but I don't see any of the walkway, or the kitty peephole -- I'll have to take some.

Nate and Jen said...

I did see the ladder pic.
Some pictures of what else you did would be greatly appreciated. I'm trying to find a couple little things to incorporate into our remodel for our 3 cats.