Friday, July 04, 2008

Bored on the 4th of July

OK, technically it was cut with a tile-cutting hand saw, not bored, but the title was too good to pass up. Today I worked on the long-neglected shower. It's been sitting 1/3rd tiled for quite some time. Until my ladder levelers get here, I decided it would be safer to leave the last bit of painting over the windows for now.

A happy 4th of July to my American readers! While I love my country, I frequently find myself at odds with those who run it because of the decisions they make. I read an interesting article on CNN today about a recent poll: "69 percent of adult Americans who responded to a poll June 26-29 said the signers of the Declaration of Independence would be disappointed by the way the nation has turned out overall." Yowza! 69%? That suggests a lot of people feel that way, too. I wonder how much is the war in Iraq and the countless deaths, how much is the terrible economy, and what other factors enter into it.

And since it's the 4th of July, it's time for fireworks, right? Well, not so many here in extra flammable California. Apparently because of droughts all over the place, personal fireworks have been banned a lot of places (they've long been banned here in the Oakland hills), but a number of cities have canceled the big displays, too. Which isn't all bad, given the environmental impact of fireworks (partly the noise, but mostly the toxic ingredients). There are various attempts at 'greener' fireworks, but even with those, how good can it be for the environment to blow stuff up (even if it is fun) just for a celebration?


PJD said...

I'm all for the environment, but I do enjoy a good fireworks display. Last night we saw two, sitting on the porch of my mother-in-law's place on the Benicia waterfront. It was nice that Martinez waited about 15 minutes into Benicia's before they started theirs.

Paul said...

Hi, Gene, thanks for the comments. Nice to have people looking other than my relatives.

The floor we installed is prefinished. My wife wanted nothing to do with polyurethane or any other finish.

Good luck with your stuff - looks like we are in the same boat!