Thursday, April 24, 2008

Habitat for Humanity build-a-thon

I spent the last four days at the Habitat for Humanity East Bay build-a-thon. And survived. You can see photos from the event at the HEBTB blog. I'm still sorting through pictures and resting. Normally the build-a-thon isn't too hard for me physically, but with the tail end of the bronchitis still lingering, I was glad I'd decided to not work all 4 days doing construction. I'm still pooped.


Sandy said...

Get better soon! My hat is off to you!

Foster said...

Hello: It seems now that I have just joined this Google Blog site as a means of contacting you. I randomly danced on top of this keyboard in search for information on the "Pelicanus occidentalis californicus" species. Your exceptionally beautiful images of this bird I initially located through the SmugMug site.

At this time, I am a student at Foothill College in Los Altos taking a Biology 15 course on the "Ecology and Natural History of California." On the first class day,(11 Saturdays from 8am-4pm), each student was randomly assigned by the Professor a species to write a paper on and also, to prepare a Power-Point presentation. Well, my eyes widened at the thought of speaking before a class and presenting via the computer on a subject of which I had only seen perched on top of a docking pile while lunching in a Bodega Bay diner over the years.

So, here I am contacting a perfect stranger whose depth and appreciation for these magnificent creatures (and others)is apparent through his creative expression caught via the long focal camera lenses.

I would very much like to incorporate a few of your images in my presentation for their artistically representation to instill the joy and physical wonderment of discovery from this biology class exercise on the Pelican.

My hope is that these are available and within my budget. Photo credit of course!

I am looking forward to hearing from you while you are "on the road" traveling about. Have a great day!

Foster Beigler

Unknown said...

I wish I could help, and I wish even more I'd taken those beautiful pelican pictures, but I fear you've got the wrong Gene Anderson.

Sandy said...

Well, done, indeed! (I'm thinking all he had to do was leave a comment on the Smug/Mug site and he would have found the right Gene Anderson.)