Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Water, Water Everywhere

With a long work day on Monday, I managed to remove the galvanized pipe from where it comes into the house, over to the water heater, most of the way to the laundry, and to the kitchen and where I tied in for the addition, and then replace it all with copper. The picture at the left shows a section of the pipe where the worst blockage was, that was causing the low pressure in the kitchen and addition. The small orange circle is the size of the hole that was still open -- about the thickness of an 8 penny nail. But we now have normal water pressure on the cold side in the kitchen, and in the new bathroom in the addition. That still leaves replacing the cold water lines for the old bathroom, a run from the water heater over towards the kitchen, and the laundry area, but we have a functioning toilet, sink and shower, even if they're not in the same room.

Meanwhile, not far away, there are folks who have too much water. Not as much as the folks in Fernley, NV, but too much by any account. We live in the hills, and while we have our own share of drainage problems, our lot is relatively level and stable. Up along Skyline Blvd., the hillsides are steeper, and water does what water wants to do -- flow downhill. The section between Colton and nearby Huckleberry Botanical Park has long had a number of drainage problems, sometimes blocking an entire lane of the road after a heavy rain. The city fixed these problems by the installation of the yellow sign in the picture. But after this most recent storm, it seems the sign was not enough, and water was seeping under the road, and taking parts of the hill side with it. The road itself is still intact, but the folks who live at the downhill end of this gully were apparently not pleased by the arrival of parts of the uphill section in their backyard.

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