Wednesday, January 17, 2007

They Came, They Measured, They Extruded

Today the first LeafGuard guy showed up to fabricate the gutters. In theory the install crew will be here tomorrow to put them up along with the downspouts. Given we've already got them on the existing house and are just getting them for the addition, it's a pretty small job, so it didn't take him long. I helped a bit, just so I could watch the process. And watching the process reminded me of part of why I don't do the gutters myself. Extruding seamless gutters takes some specialized equipment, and some practice using it.

Of course, tomorrow's crew will remind me of the other reason I don't do it myself. It's a pain in the posterior to install gutters and downspouts, even more of a pain than painting. Getting ladders in the right places so you can reach the gutters but not get in the way of putting up the gutters is not an easy task. So this is one of the few jobs I'm happy to pay someone else to do.

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