Saturday, December 16, 2006


We've been having a fair amount of rain lately, so Friday morning I finished installing the new header between the dining room and the living room. But around noon, it started clearing up. I looked at the forecast and the Doppler radar, and it looked good, so I got grabbed a prybar, got out the sawzall and went to town on the old dining room doors.

In the "it no longer surprises me about this house" category, I discovered that the main thing holding the French doors in place was the trim. I had already removed the interior trim, so the first thing I did was remove the exterior trim. I noticed as I pulled the last of it away that one of the upper corners moved. Uh-huh. I ran the sawzall along the top and sides, and didn't meet a lot of resistance, then lowered the doors outward. Upon closer inspection, I discovered that the only thing that had been holding the doors in place that went through the frame were the very tips of the screws through the hinges, and not all of those (hence the upper corner moving when the trim was gone).

I then quickly framed a new section of wall to hold the three windows, put it into place, and slapped some Tyvek over it. Not exactly air tight, but it'll keep the rain and the worst of the wind out. Not bad for 5 or 6 hours work.

Tomorrow is church and running sound for a concert, but next week I'll get the windows in and make the wall a little more weatherproof and a lot more air tight. Assuming the weather isn't too bad, that is.

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