Thursday, September 21, 2006


As you can see in the last picture, the bedroom is almost done. I just need to touch up the paint on the baseboard and we're ready to go. That's Rosie inspecting my work and enjoying the sunshine from all the new windows.

I did all the taping and mudding, and the texturing (which was fun, but messy). Katarina did a lot of the painting, and our neighbor Cynthia helped out, too.

We used low odor, no-VOC (volatile organic compounds; part of the stuff that makes smog and makes paints and solvents smell bad and bad for you) that we got at EcoHome Improvement in Berkeley. Great stuff to work with compared to normal latex paint.

I also got the bamboo flooring there, though that was shipped most of the way from EcoTimber in Hayward. I say most of the way because the shipping company they used refused to come up the hill; the driver was worried about damaging his truck on the trees. I think he must just be a bad driver, because there have been bigger trucks than his up Colton and Snake to our neighborhood. I can understand for some of those tiny, twisty streets in upper Rockridge (where I'd be worried about the ability of a fire engine to get through, too), but no go. So I had to load down the VW with a bunch of bamboo flooring after meeting him in the village, and slowly wind my way up the hill.


CaptKirk said...

Really nice picture of Rosie & the windows! I wish there was just a bit more floor showing... A nice piece of art.

OK, who's been messing with the loft walls? Yer gonna have to take someone's paintbrush away...

Arrrr me hearties. Lokkin' good.

Unknown said...

Unfortunately cats in general are not the most cooperative photo subjects. But I liked this one best of the couple I got off before she wandered off.

Kat did the tree, I did the cat, so we're both guilty on that count.