Sunday, July 02, 2006


I received an email from an old friend in Switzerland who's been reading DIY Insanity. Which reminded me I haven't posted in a while. Not for lack of progress to report on, though. Besides getting the plumbing (successfully) reinspected and finishing up odds and ends, I brought home a large load of insulation. The Golf has faithfully brought home large loads of stuff, but this would have been several trips worth in it. And given the price of gas these days, delivery prices are pretty high. So I rented a U-Haul truck (with much less drama than last time), and Edis and I unloaded the insulation then loaded up the truck and moved to up the truck with waste from the construction and took it to the dump. There isn't that much, but again more than the Golf would take in several trips.

Alas, the faithful Golf wasn't so faithful today. Kat was driving home and it died in the middle of an intersection. It's now at a repair shop waiting for them to open.

I have most of the insulation installed (R-19 in the walls, except the 4" west wall, which has R-13; R-50 in the attic). I'll be hanging drywall on the walls this week, and barring too many interruptions, probably painting next week. Wahoo!


yasser said...

isnt installing insulation the most important and most prone to screwing up part of the building?

Unknown said...

Insulation isn't particularly hard to install. Just put the vapor barrier towards the 'living' side in cooler climates, or towards the outside in hot, humid climates. And make sure you don't squish it too much when installing it -- cut it to go around wires and pipes instead of behind them.

I'd have to say the most important and most prone to screwing up the building is the layout, both of the foundation and then later of the walls. Messing up the layout of the foundation is particularly bad, since concrete is notoriously hard to take back out :)

P.S. What's a forensic accountant?