Monday, November 14, 2005

Plantar Fasciitis!

Plantar Fasciitis. Neither the motto of an obscure branch of the military (Plantar Fasciitis! -- "always fibrous") nor the character in a Shakespearean play set in ancient Rome ("Greetings, Plantar! How fares the house of Fasciitis?", but inflammation of the fibrous strap-like structure on the bottom of the foot. That's likely what's been dogging my dogs the last several days, and will keep me on lower activity for a bit.

It can be caused by non-supportive shoes (check), flat feet (check), high-arched feet (definite no), sudden increase in activity level (not sudden, but the addition certainly keeps me busy), standing on hard floors for a long time (definite yes), and/or obesity (the exercise from working on the addition has made me lose a bit of weight and rearranged some of what I've got, but yeah, I could stand to lose a few more pounds). And common enough that they have pamphlets on it at Kaiser.

I certainly have lots of other stuff to do (like implementing Scary Bear's redesign on the Mt. Diablo Habitat for Humanity website that I maintain, or learning more about video and such for the media ministry at RLC), but it's frustrating as all get-out to have good weather and not be able to work on the house. Hmmph.


Unknown said...

"Always fibrous". Guess that would be the U.S. Dried Plum Force (formerly the U.S. Army Prune Corps) :-)

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