Thursday, March 19, 2009

(Sheet)rocking in the Free World

Vitruvian drywall

Once replacing joists and subfloor and dealing with the small roof leaks I discovered with the ceiling open put me (way) off my original goal of being pretty much ready to install the cabinets when they arrived, I re-adjusted my goals.

Specifically, I wanted at the very least to make sure I had a place to store the cabinets (besides under a tarp in the carport) until I was ready for them, and that meant the dining room. The dining room has been serving as my staging area, and so has been full of tools, drywall, etc. But it's also been lacking a ceiling in areas between the new part in the addition and the old, which had been waiting for the rest of the kitchen walls to come down so the whole ceiling can be drywalled. And it's gotten pretty dirty besides.

intrepid explorer

So in the last week, I've torn down the rest of the dining room ceiling, most of the kitchen ceiling, sheetrocked the dining room ceiling and part of the kitchen ceiling, and as an added bonus, almost finished sheetrocking the dining room walls (at least the parts that used full pieces). And all the while, making sure Rosie didn't get into too much trouble.

Wednesday, right on schedule, the kitchen cabinets arrived. Fortunately I'd specified delivery into the house, because some of those suckers are heavy, and there's a flight of steps down from the carport. The delivery guys packed things in fairly well, but didn't really leave us a path through to the rest of the house. So using some of our mad Tetris skillz, K and I rearranged some boxes to pack them in better and open up a path.

There's a little more ceiling in the kitchen to tear down, then it's on to plumbing and pulling wires.

before and after

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Jacci said...

Hey, Gene :) Thanks for your comment on my blog. Looks like you're a busy guy! I've done several habitat projects in my day - the most notable was being part of turning a former Brooklyn crackhouse into an apartment building. I was only on the project for a week, but it was very rewarding nonetheless. Keep up the good work, and thanks again!