Thursday, December 01, 2005

Whither Weather?

Yesterday I worked with Abel again. Tuesday I'd precut many of the parts for the lookouts, so we jammed through those pretty quickly. Then we put on the roof sheathing (3/4" aka 23/32" plywood, to match the existing nominal 1" aka 3/4" siding used under the eaves) until we used up all I had. I thought I 'd bought enough, but the width of the middle part of the roof ended up being 16'-5" instead of 16' as I thought. Which meant that two 8' sheets of plywood wouldn't cover it.

In any event, we got most of the roof covered and nailed off, and just in time. Today's storm is even stronger and windier than the one Monday night. Part of the tarp came loose in the night, but not too much got wet and I resecured it this morning.

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