Monday, November 21, 2005

Tabbylocks and the 3 Boxes

"This box is too big." "This box is too big, too." "Hey! This box is too big -- what's going on?!?" What enormous items did Katarina order from Amazon? Christmas gifts for our nieces and nephews? A new microwave for later in the project when I've got the kitchen torn up? What could it be that takes 3 big boxes?

Three cookie sheets. Not even big ones (they're a bit smaller than some, since our antique oven is smaller than some newer ones.) In some maddening fit of inefficiency, Amazon sent three cookie sheets as three orders, in three separate boxes. Fortunately they all arrived the same day, so there weren't three trips by the UPS truck. But aiiyee! Who knows...maybe they fufilled the orders from three different warehouses.

But the cats will enjoy them. One of their favorite toys is a cardboard box that I cut some holes in. They'll run in and bat at things we stick near the holes, or hide from us or from each other. Three big boxes means three additions to their play structure.

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Katarina said...

Aiee! Rosie looks totally crazed in this photo. Given her love of boxes, I suspect her of logging into my Amazon account and checking the box that says, "Yes, please send this order in as many shipments as possible. And please use the biggest boxes imaginable."