Thursday, March 13, 2008

I'm a Movie Star!

Not only have I been in print, now I'm in a movie! I'm not expecting an Oscar for my short performance, but part of my interview is included in the prize-winning documentary, "Building a Better Future". And I only sound a little like a dork. The film was created by Amy Schleicher, a 17 year old junior at San Ramon High School. She won 2nd place at the First Annual Bay Area Social Issues Documentary Film Contest (SI DocFest) for it, and shared the prize money with her high school and Habitat for Humanity East Bay. It covers the great need for decent, affordable housing, has interviews with some staff and volunteers, and highlights Sonnie Dae's story. Sonnie is the mom of the partner family for the Thrivent Builds-sponsored house, and a pretty amazing person. You can read more about Amy and view the video here.


pjd said...

Woo hoo! Film credits good.

It's a pretty good film for a 17 year old. I find it interesting that Sunny also was in an IDA program, something I've come to learn about over the past few years.

Sandy said...
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Sandy said...

Sorry about the deleted comment... I am having trouble with fingers that don't want to put what I type!

Wow! Famous... can I have your autograph? I will have to check out the video!

Anonymous said...

Gene, I finally did update the saving water post about tankless water heaters. Let me know if you want more info.

We're in Pasadena, BTW.


bjkeys said...

You're even more famous now! Amy's film has been nominated for a Webby award (The Oscars of the internet). There is a people's choice vote to select the winner. You can help by casting your vote, at

Click on “Register now to vote!” . To ensure that only one vote is counted per person, they ask you to create a user ID and password and ask for a valid email ID. They will email you the link to the ballot. Note: They DO NOT follow up with junk mail!

Once you get the confirmation, you can follow the link to the voting site. Amy’s entry is under the Online Film and Video Category under the “Student” section and the Video is “Building a Better Future”.