Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Regular readers of DIY Insanity will not be surprised to hear that I haven't been making as rapid of progress as I'd hoped. I'm almost done with the sheetrock on the walls, but I'll still need to tape and mud the seams after that. My sister-in-law Emmie was kind enough to come help again, and brought her youngest daughter, Kristina. They both came on the Mexico Mission trip this year, along with Emmie's middle daughter. I knew from the trip that Kristina is a hard worker, and listens well (at least for this kind of stuff). I certainly didn't do those things at age 11.

With their help we got the smaller loft sheetrocked, a bunch more sheetrock moved down from the carport, and various other pieces done as well. Thanks, Emmie and Kristina!

Although it will be a while before I can install it, I went ahead and bought the ceiling fan that Katarina and had picked out. I'm glad I did, because in reading the instructions, I found out it expects a single power line, not separate ones for the light vs. the fan. So I took out the 3-gang box that had space for a dimmer switch for the fan, and replaced it with a 2-gang box and rewired the switches. Most of the functionality is controlled via a remote control.

Everything seems to have remotes these days. Katarina listened to a presentation by the ergonomics people at Google, where she works. And in talking to her afterwards, I realized that some of my occasional back and shoulder pains, not to mention my carpal tunnel syndrome, are in large part due to my mouse being too far to the right because of the arrow keys and numeric keypad at the right side of the keyboard. So today I looked at a keyboard that has a separate numeric keypad so my mouse can sit further left and I don't reach so far right. The keypad is separate, and the whole thing is wireless besides. And the numeric keypad? It has a little LCD display at the top, and can be used as a remote for playing music on your PC.


Eliz. said...

I am fanscinated by the detached, cordless number pad! I just hooked up a cordless laser mouse on my PC at work for similar reasons. I tend to work with my keyboard slightly further forward, with the mouse closer to me and also further left. Without exhaustive detail on the limitations of electrical outlets, data ports and such, suffice to say the mouse cord did not accomodate. Sooooo....I convinced the boss that I needed a high-end cordless mouse. Wish I had known about the cordless number pad, that probably would have been better.

Kudos to all on the drywall taping/mudding. Tedious work. Paul continues to have PTS flashbacks about patching with wet plaster. Our bathroom wall looks fantastic, you would never know it had a 2'x 2' hole where the original plaster pulled away from the lath. Don't want to do any more of that anytime soon, though. Choosing paint colors is more fun. 8-)

Gene said...

I'm holding off on the new keyboard for now. (And at $200 for a keyboard, I'm not sure I'd get that one anyways.) I'm getting a graphics tablet which comes with a wireless mouse, and I'm going to see if that helps first. It should, since between church media and web design for non-profits, I do an awful lot of drawing on the computer these days.