Monday, May 15, 2006

We're Here! We're Here!

I'm finally over my cold, and back at work on the house. Today I placed the cement for the shower floor. Getting cement level and smooth is fairly easy. Getting it not level so the water flows down the drain from everywhere is a little harder. I checked the slope a little while ago now that the cement is hard enough to put a level on, and it looks good...down towards the drain from all sides. Huzzah!

I also installed a coax cable for cable TV (not that we have cable...or even watch that much broadcast TV, but it's easier to run a cable now than later) and connected another of the runs to the new electrical sub-panel. Both of those required crawling under the addition to pull the wires. It's at this time that I wish we'd dug out more from under the addition so crawling under was easier. Of course, there were good reasons not to besides the labor involved, but I can still wish.

And just because it was easy and didn't require much crawling under the house, I cut a hole for the vent and hooked up the heating duct. It's still not connected to the furnace on the other end, but fortunately it appears that winter has finally left us, so I won't be needing that any time soon. Huzzah, indeed.

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